iCademy wordt gekenmerkt door een efficiënt en compact opgesteld programma in drie delen, onderbroken voor een korte theepauze en een informeel en onderhoudend diner onder collega-implantologen.
Michael R. Norton  BDS FDS  RCS (Ed)
•     Immediate Implant Placement & Restoration:
Techniques to Optimize Outcomes

The immediate placement and restoration of a single implant is often used to demonstrate how it is possible to obtain a high degree of aesthetics. Today we have an increasing understanding of how this might help to preserve the hard and soft tissues to further optimize results.

Placement of adjacent implants is much more problematic since it is widely recognized that in the absence of root cementum and supra-crestal fibers it is not possible to maintain a full length papilla and thereby not possible to frame our implant-supported crowns with an optimal gingival profile.

This presentation will consider how surgical techniques, planning and timing of the placement of implants, as well as choice of component hardware can all contribute to achieving an optimal outcome with regard to both pink as well as white aesthetics.
The influence of insertion torque on primary stability, 
​implant survival and marginal bone loss

A great deal of debate has taken place about the need for ever higher insertion torques, often in excess of 70Ncm in order to maximize primary stability. However it is well understood that bone is a dynamic vital tissue which responds poorly to over-compression.

This presentation will focus on the latest data from a closed cohort prospective study to evaluate the relationship between torque, ISQ, implant survival and maintenance of marginal bone.
Managing dental implants with peri-implantitis
This lecture will consider the difficult issue of defining, diagnosing and managing dental implants with peri-implantitis. It will focus on various therapies including the use of Erbium YAG laser to decontaminate the implant and peri-implant defect. It will focus on risks and complications and consider the alternative approaches of tissue regeneration versus pocket/defect elimination. 

Doorlopend programma
iCademy kent een aaneengeschakeld programma van 15:30 tot 21:00 uur, waarbinnen de wetenschappelijke voordracht van de gastspreker wordt opgesplitst in drie delen.

Het programma wordt onderbroken door respectievelijk een korte theepauze en het diner. Aansluitend op het derde en laatste onderdeel wordt een afsluitende borrel geserveerd.

Ontvangst en registratie is mogelijk vanaf 15:00 uur in Theater Maitland op het landgoed.

Eventuele speciale dieet-wensen kunt u hier per mail aan ons doorgeven.
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